Giving to Maranatha

This page is intended for donors who have international banks such as those in Canada and elsewhere.

United States donors should follow this link : Maranatha Giving

Alumni Dues - If you’d like to give to Alumni Dues and Alumni National Project, just specify the breakdown between them in the “comments” box.

  • Alumni National Project - The Alumni Plaza - Engrave a brick for the patio today
  • Annual Fund - Yearly drive to provide funds for student scholarships
  • Clubs - Current club projects are listed. Specify in the “comments” box if you’d like to give to previous projects or if the gift is to be split between two projects.
  • General Fund - Provide for the overall support of the College ministry
  • Golf Classic - Make your payment for the Maranatha Golf Classic
  • Global Encounters – Student mission trips. Please specify the student's name and destination country in the “comments” box.
  • Seminary Fund - Provide support for general Seminary expenses
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