Blackout Dates

We are excited to have you on campus, and we know that this will be an enjoyable experience for you. Come for one of our special visitor events or another time that is more convenient for you. Please click on the link below and complete the form to schedule a visit to Maranatha Baptist University.

 Special Visitor Events

Experience MBU October 17-19, October 31-November 2, January 29-30, February 13-15, March 12-14 and April 16-18
Fall Road Trip (Indiana) November 13-16
Spring Road Trip (Ohio) April 22-25

Prospective students (9th-12th grade) receive two free nights in our dorms and three free meals in our amazing Dining Complex. Remember to bring bedding, a towel, and toiletries!

Please note that the dorms are closed to visitors on Saturdays, Sundays, and the following black-out dates: (Students may visit campus, but dorm housing is not available.)

Blackout Dates

September 2-3 Open of Fall Semester
September 12-14 Soccer/Volleyball Tournament
November 21-December 1 Thanksgiving Break
December 7-January 27 Project Due Date/Final Exams/Christmas Break/Open of Spring Semester
January 31- February 1 Great Lakes Music Festival
February 6-8 High School Basketball Tournament
March 19-29 Spring Break
April 25- Summer Project Due Date/Final Exams/Commencement/Summer

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