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Welcome to the Maranatha Welcome Center

Schedule a personalized visit unique to you! Attend classes in your area of academic interest, meet with a faculty advisor, take a student led campus tour, and attend an extracurricular event!

Schedule a visit that works best for your group of 4 or more prospective students or attend one of our Visitor Fridays. Attend classes, take a tour, meet students and faculty, and much more.

All of our prospective students (9th-12th grade) will receive 2 free nights in our residence halls and 3 free meals in our amazing Dining Complex. Remember to bring bedding, a towel, and toiletries! Please note that the dorms are closed on Saturday and Sunday nights as the majority of our students are involved in local church ministry on the weekends.  Those traveling with you can make reservations for a Maranatha Guest Suite upon availability or stay at an Area Hotel.

Request a Visit

There are certain dates every year that MBU refers to as blackout dates.  During these blackout dates guests cannot stay in the dorms or in the guest housing. 

If you have questions regarding the dates of your proposed visit consult the calendar below to see if your plans coincide with one of our blackout dates.  After checking the calendar you can click the link above to request a visit.