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Health Update from Dr. Marriott

Dear Friends,


My last health update was in October. I promised to keep you informed as often as I received new information. For those who only recently heard about my condition, I was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma in June of 2019 and my right eye was removed the next month. In December of 2020, spots appeared in my liver and the diagnosis is now stage IV, metastatic choroidal melanoma. On Thursday, I received my twenty-third monthly immunotherapy.


An MRI on Wednesday showed the numerous lesions/tumors throughout the liver are all less than one centimeter and relatively stable. (Three larger tumors were ablated in September.) The largest ones showed only small growth since the scan in October.

This is very good news. Without being overly optimistic, I am doing well. I am not experiencing any pain and my only limitations on my schedule relate to physical fatigue and the need to continue care from doctors an hour away in Madison. Recently, an oncologist of 35 years and a dear friend, said that if he didn’t know my condition, he would never guess that I had cancer. My doctor has stated about my life expectancy that I am “way ahead of the curve.”


Please continue to remember me in your prayers. The Lord is indeed my helper, and He is hearing you.​


Submitted by: Dr. Marty Marriott

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