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Some have asked about personal travel and vacations this summer. International travel is obviously impossible at this time and the usual attractions like amusement parks and national parks are mostly closed. But employees may travel within the United States to visit family or otherwise get away.

We simply ask that you use prudence in your planning to avoid hotspots and outbreak areas. Employees do not need to notify MBU of all travel destinations.

If you are notified or become aware that you or a member of your household were exposed to COVID-19 while traveling, please notify Mrs. Rosemary Muse before coming back to work and we will work with you to identify the best course of action for your healthy and safe return to service. This may involve a brief period of isolation at home if you were exposed, but we are not instituting an “across the board” requirement of self-isolation for all who travel.

Submitted by: The Executive Office

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